Reso Nation (Free Album)

by Circle Infinite

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released December 22, 2016




Circle Infinite Bristol, UK

Circle Infinite is a futuristic Hip Hop artist from Bristol UK, created by Bristol’s very own former UK DMC DJ Mixing Champion DJ Quest.

Expect an abstract and epic audio and visual experience created through bolder, deeper and increasingly more creative and original works from Circle Infinite in the near future.
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Track Name: 12 - I Swear (Bonus Track)
[Verse 1]

We’re livin in the last days of the ages. New chapter, new pages. New circles through stages, screw faces, threw rages. Many injustices and many in cages. Guantanamo and many places. Corrupt hand too many aces. Corporation of uk are blaggin contracts. So I say fuck that. If it was "My world"
I would attach, just one parliamentary act; every man or woman is free, no burden on their back. No Fluoridation from the water in your taps. Wal-Mart and Tesco get no slavery. No war for oil companies in the middle east, no western domination or beef, with China, Russia that would soon cease. No think tanks like Bilderberg or other committees, and livin pretty, in...


We’d have freedom, equality, peace and honesty.
And honestly we'd act honorably. If I ruled the world, I solemnly swear.

[Verse 2]

If I ran the plan. we'd all be free to live land. No contracts no demands, read a book or draw a picture in the sand. Economics would be resource based, so that the snakes show no interest to serve their plates. The conspiracies tragic. Money’s a manipulation of mathematics, infiltration and the diversion of traffic. This is a science of particular precision, cuz if currently currency is missing. That’s no mistake and that’s a decision, so that’s the first place if I ruled I would make revisions. The IMF will fall and the poverty they stricken, then unite the races and all religions, and say "do as you believe, enjoy the air as you breathe, live as you perceive, preserve the birds and the seas and trees and the bees" that’s how it would be in..


We’d have freedom, equality, peace and honesty.
And honestly we'd act honorably. If I ruled the world, I solemnly swear.
Track Name: 09 - Zodi-Ankh (With Zodiak Blak)
lookin at the signs of the zodiac
we can write it out in an almanac
even take it right back
to where (????!??!??) at
its actual comical
fractal astronomical
causing animal soul anatomical
we reach for the heavens now,
now onto the botanical
i asked the mandrake why he made a man shape
the sun rolled love to the land snake
pulled up the pinecone while man waits
a five leaf clover made a hand shape

my mind is like a rocket ship I'm flying through the sky
mirroring the pyramids and all i see is eyes
it seems so many lost their soul i think i know why
ignore the hearts signs, their blind to the lies

[ hold on]
for the right time for the right signs in your minds eye
[hold on]
inner lights bright like the moonlight in the night sky


in our soul (x4)+ do you see the light!

as i flew around orions belt
i wonder how the mayans felt
i asked dorthy about the lions tale
it was violent as hell
i told her not to dwell
the light of love prevailed
so high above that we set sail

the sun asked the moon to pass on a message
reflect within our conscious mind to over stand the essence
exposure to a golden plan that ran and venus mentioned
5 main points and answered some questions,
some where good, some where bad and we learnt our lesson
we didn't understand before cuz ignorance is heaven...
at least it feels like heaven
could be one of seven sins that satan did on saturn's rings

lookin at the signs...
Track Name: 11 - Revolution (Bonus Track)
Let’s talk about a revolution, I want peace, a solution.
The world is rife with pollution, confusion, intellectual delusion.
What do you think about a resolution?
Do you have any thoughts? What do you say son?
Is it corrupt? Fact or fiction what’s your take? What’s your position?
I just wanna watch television, Chill and get pissed, I don’t wanna listen.
I’m not lookin to live a big mission, I wanna have fun, that’s what I’m wishin.
What I think, ain’t your business, I work a 9 to 5 and that’s it son.
My company cares, it ain’t no prison, I’m happy with my life and that’s my decision.
I don’t wanna burst your bubble, they don’t give a f&*k,
I think you’re in trouble. I’ve concluded, you’re deluded
I have to take a double take. Only a couple of grand do you make,
But the shareholders get a bigger stake. You make a thousand pounds in revenue,
You don’t have a clue what you get do you?
Look stop it, they gotta make a profit in it (isn’t it).
I’m sure they’re in it to win it, that’s the nature of the corporate initiative.
(PERSON A) Listen kid
You need to understand they run slaves too,
Profits the route of all evil, they might fool you but.....
[Chorus] “They won’t fool the children of the revolution...”
Did you know from the day you were born, your mum signed you over as a slave?
(Person B) Not really.
(PERSON A) A birth certificate’s contract and from that, a person is made.
A person's a fictional entity used in legal statute, that’s not the law, that’s corporate misuse...
(PERSON B) That’s bollocks
(PERSON A) No mate the UK’s a CORPERATION.
By definition your national insurance number’s an employee number in this nation.
Instead of getting paid, you get corporate tax and tax on your occupation.
It’s an illusion in this constitution, profits from parkin tickets, don’t know you’re getting abused.
Nah mate it’s fair my government really cares about me, the prime minister really wants to do his best,
You them there like them there terrorists. Hate the freedom we have in the west, cuz our life is blessed.
Shut the f$%k up shut up mate...
All right mate, time to take a rest, I’m not lookin to burn down parliament, packed with explosive military armament, I’m just saying the system’s corrupt, here’s some sources for you to bust...
[Chorus] “they won’ fool the children of the revolution...”